“When the Conception took place, Tokyo was purged of humans. It was a necessary step toward the rebirth of the world… But, even after they died, the human souls lingered. And likewise… their emotions. Weak emotions dissipated instantly, but strong ones remained… Those emotions sought receptacles, and found refuge in the substance closest to life: earth. They merged with the earth and took shape one after another. For some, they became what they longed to be… For others, a side of them that they abhorred surfaced. Human emotions became Manikins and inhabited the Vortex World. Creation is forbidden to them, and their existence will be denied once the new world has been born, but… some Manikins have posessed exceptional strength.”


Welcome to Sacred Vessels, a tribute to the Manikins from the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. This tribute is not only dedicated to the Manikins in general, but also to the exceptional Manikins that are Futomimi, Sakahagi and the Junk Collector Manikin.

Since the Manikins are an important faction in the game, it goes without saying that the shrine will be full of spoilers about who they are, what they do and what happens to them.



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